Grub Street’s signposts


Hands up if you have started to read a story in print or online and only after you have absorbed its main points did you see an acknowledgement, in the finest of fine print, that it was paid content.

Or worse, you read it right through and found, at the end, an obscure fiddly light face font disclosure that it was ‘published in conjunction with…’ Continue reading “Grub Street’s signposts”

A rodent’s rear


The structure of our legacy news media will pre-occupy New Zealand journalists and those close to the industry in coming months, but the general public will not (to put it crudely) give a rodent’s rear.

Ownership of the country’s largest privately-owned media companies is already in play and we will know within weeks whether the Labour-led government will proceed along a path that would see public-owned Television New Zealand Radio New Zealand absorbed by a new entity. Continue reading “A rodent’s rear”