15.03.2019: How media reported a date no New Zealander will forget

Ardern 1

Day 1
The events in Christchurch on 15 March 2019 are still vivid in all our minds so I do not need to revisit each stage the attack. Suffice to say that there was a remarkably short space of time between police receiving reports of gunfire to the arrest of the gunman: A mere 21 minutes. Of course, at that stage, police did not know he was acting alone, and the emergency extended well beyond that 21- minute timeframe. Continue reading

Can’t Believe Your Eyes or Ears?

An address to the New Zealand Skeptics Conference 18 November 2018

It would be comforting to think that a society dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking would be immune to the effects of disinformation. As Skeptics, you are supposed to question the validity of statements, to examine whether there is objective support for the claims made. Your powers of critical thinking will stand you in good stead but even you are not immune to disinformation. Continue reading